Quality based on stainless steel, an indestructible material that maintains its properties over time as well as being both resistant to heat and cold.

All the corners are rounded for the safety of adults and children. With the utmost attention to every construction detail, BLOSS planters are provided with large holes for the drainage of excess water and height-adjustable feet, again in stainless steel.

BLOSS planters are made from stainless steel which is the ideal material for outdoor use. Steel is ductile, durable, resistant over the times and allows construction of complex shapes still with guaranteed structural strength and a limited weight.

Compared to plastic or wood, stainless steel offers a distinctly higher strength: resistant to knocks, temperature variations and a range of weather conditions, its aesthetics are enduring and timeless. Maintenance is also very simple. Simply use a damp sponge on all the surfaces for perfect cleaning.

Stainless steel makes it possible to produce on request personalized and made to measure modules. The seamless welding of the metal and the "L" shaped upper edges ensure greater strength to the planters, enhancing their clean and precise aesthetics.

How does a BLOSS planter stand out?

It is made exclusively in certified stainless steel.
The design is covered by ornamental design patent.
Its perfect hold is the result of sample checks during production.
It is subjected to strict dimensional tests prior to delivery.
A patented pre-treatment ensures the perfect fixing of painting powders.
The durable colour hold is certified.
The original Bloss trademark is impressed on the steel.
Finishes and accessories can be customised, such as the stainless steel feet, water reservoirs and insulating mat.
It is shipped in protective packagings studied ad hoc.