BLOSS loves colours, the environment and enduring quality

The quality of the BLOSS colours is bright and long-lasting. Vibrant and deep shades that continue from one season to the next due to the powder coatings which remain perfectly compact with no signs of flaking.

The steel powder coated, available in the micro-textured finish for maximum resistance to scratches, is available in a range of over 18 colours plus additional 100 RAL colours, from pale pink to cobalt blue upon request. Because even the choice of colours defines the personality of a terrace or garden.

The range of colours is tested by BLOSS for exposure for no less than 5 years in Florida, which equates to 25 years of European climatic conditions, and meets the most stringent certifications: Qualicoat class 2, AAMA 2604-05, GSB Master, EN12206.

The consistency of the colour range, even when ordering planters with the same colour code at different times, ensures uniformity in the shades.

BLOSS is also an eco-sustainable choice. The eco-friendly powder coatings do not contain solvents harmful to the ozone layer and do not generate production waste.



MICRO-TEXTURED: a matt design alternative to usual finishes, slightly grained with a superior scratch resistance and highly recommended for external use.

METALLIC: a range of metallic effects that recall colours of natural metals, but with a brighter attractive finish, an excellent exterior durability and colour retention. Recommended for matching with existing windows, exterior doors and fencings or gates. Corten effect, iridescent charcoal just to mention some.


MATT: with opacity below 30 gloss not recommended for outdoor use.

GLOSSY: recommended only for indoor applications.