BLOSS was the first to introduce a brand new concept of modular planters that allows composing contemporary architectures for outdoors

BLOSS, the first modular planter system in stainless steel, was born from the creativity of a young designer and several decades of experience in working steel.

In fact, Bloss is a planter system consisting of over 300 modules of different shapes and sizes, three standard heights and three depths and assorted accessories.

Whether in bright colours or neutral finishes, it allows choosing the most suited aesthetic and functional solution, becoming an integral part of the outdoor or indoor, private or public space.

The system that in addition to flower boxes foresees a series of accessories constantly innovated, is studied to better respond to the vital needs of plants and furnish terraces and dehors with flexibility and elegance.

Inspired by geometries and rigour of historical Italian gardens that have embellished for centuries the exteriors of noble dwellings, Bloss allows recreating elegant and sought-for, contemporary or traditional outdoor architectures simply and without requiring specialised labour.

BLOSS offers quick and effective solutions in terraces and gardens for screening or containment purposes, without requiring any masonry works.


All planters are 100% made in Italy with detailed attention to the design features. A quality evident day after day: with growth of the plant and expansion of its roots, the planter maintains its form due to the precise calculation of the thicknesses and, when required, with additional special internal reinforcement.

Choosing BLOSS means being able to rely on a unique system of planters. Inimitable thanks to the design features, quality of materials and innovation of production processes.